Welcome to Pink Elephant Creative

You’re a healthcare practitioner, a healer. You’re an artist. You’re a coach. You’re a therapist. You’re self-employed. You’re an entrepreneur.  You’re a force for good. You’re a helper. And, you, wildly resourceful you, have created something out of nothing. You are amazing.

This thing that you’re doing, you know it’s your life’s work (or something very close). And what you also know, right in the heart of your heart, is that you could be helping more people, if only you were set up a little differently. If only you were telling your story.. differently.

You are so ready to be seen and known and understood. You are so ready to serve.

We’ll get along famously if:

  • you want help expressing your work in the world in a way that is clear and engaging — and makes you feel proud
  • you’d like to increase your revenue but without doing anything icky or un-you
  • you want more nice people to know about and support your business (because you know you can help them)
  • you want your unique contribution to the DNA of the internet to be beautiful and real
  • you love the smell of roses and the taste of jasmine tea – and maybe you’ve got a thing for elephants, too

I want to help you articulate your good work in words and design.

Carrie KlassenHi there, I’m Carrie. After a soul-searching, gelato-drenched, art-seeking trip across France, Vienna and Italy, I left the corporate world and founded Pink Elephant. Beautiful writing and gorgeous design (with a bit of sales support stitched in) make me so happy. Happy like a yellow sun-dress. Happy like a Mother’s Day mimosa. Especially when my good work is in service of others’ good work. Especially when my doing what lights me up helps you do more of what sets you aglow.

In caring hands, a smartly designed and elegantly written website  gives voice not just to your work but to who you are, and why you’re here.

At Pink Elephant Creative, we are detail fanatics. We adore crafting a turn of phrase that no other business would use but yours – and finding exactly the perfect typeface for it. We translate the feeling and spirit of your business, of you, into colours and just-so patterns. We delight in making good businesses brilliantly beautiful. And inviting.

We believe in beauty.

We also believe that you can (and should) make a living doing what you love. Put plainly, our mission is to help generous entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed folks in helping professions to raise their rates; communicate their work in a way that is compelling, genuine and beautiful; and construct businesses that are as kind to their owners as to others.

We do that by offering:

Sound like what you need? Then come on in and explore our specialties, peruse our portfolio and meet the team.