Our most happiest project yet, The Joy Pages

June 17, 2011

Full disclosure: we ADORE coach and Board of Your Life founder Tanya Geisler. So we were bound to enjoy this project. And then she told us the name: The Joy Pages. How could we not have a good time?! Tanya wrote this e-book in honour of her mother, a woman who lived a beautiful and extraordinary and important life. Her mantra? “Don’t postpone joy.”

Tanya took her own coaching expertise, married it with her mother’s wisdom and turned it into a short exercise book that just might change your life. Take a few minutes to download it today and then find some quiet time to answer the questions over a mug of tea or glass of wine.

Pink Elephant designed the cover and one inside page as a template for Tanya (and her husband) to fill up with wonderful words.


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