Online advertising for The Nesting Place

August 8, 2011

At Pink Elephant Creative, we’re pretty crazy about doulas. (We even hired a doula as our welcome ambassador and if you’ve interacted with Jess, you know why we LOVE her!)

Amanda from The Nesting Place has been a friend of Pink Elephant for many years. We were really excited when we got to do a small design project for her. We normally don’t recommend online advertising for our smaller clients (usually, the budget can be better spent) but this was an exception because the deal Amanda negotiated made so much sense for her and her ad would be on a site that was a beautiful fit for her business.

We drew inspiration from the palette and graphics of her existing site, and then used bars of colour in a layout shown to increase click rates, but what I love most about this “ad” is that it isn’t an ad at all. It’s a gift!

Amanda researched and wrote a special report to answer one of the concerns many mothers-to-be have. Induction can often be avoided and Amanda wanted to make sure women had access to the information that their doctors might not know or take the time to share. We decided that giving that away would be the most welcoming way to invite new women to her business.

What could your gift be? And how could you tell people about it?


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