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April 23, 2012

Board of Your Life badge design

Tanya Geisler is one of those dear, dear women you meet and instantly wish she’d been born your big sister so you could have known her your whole life.

Tanya is a clarity coach, a genius one at that. (We can’t have a meeting that she doesn’t end up solving some problem for me, even though we’re meant to be talking about her. She just knows when something is up, and then turns it sweetly down in about a question and a half. Genius. Truly.) ¬†Tanya has a program called Board of Your Life. If ever you have wondered what you should be doing next, if ever you have felt like you weren’t quite on the right track, not quite expressing the fullness of ¬†your creative spirit or potential, you need to go to this page right now. Ditto if you know someone like this. Someone who is seeking answers, and who is maybe getting a bit tired of the search.

You can either hire Tanya to facilitate the experience or you can use her brand new Board of Your Life kit (that Pink Elephant designed the covers for – inspiring, non?) to do it yourself. I’ve read it. I’ve swooned. And so have some of the biggest names in coaching. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

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