A new website for Grandparents of the Forest

March 17, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.12.21 AMThis was a very special project for me because I was able to commission some entirely delightful artwork by the incomparable Natalie Wargin in order to bring these charming bears to (virtual) life. Meet Elia and Nicolas, the fine bears in question, and the nature-teaching and nature-sharing alter-egos of Deb Vail and Harry LeBlanc, the grandparents of the forest, themselves.

Grandparents of the Forest logoIf there are children in your life and you’d like to help them fall (more) in love with Nature, please do visit Grandparents of the Forest. They offer the most exquisite flower essences that they prepare themselves from the flowers on their own land (and their Pink Elephant Creative-designed labels are pretty). They also offer mentorship programs for parents, and nature boxes to send as gifts to children. (Our three year old gets SO EXCITED to receive mail from Deb and Harry, her extra set of grandparents who send her milkweed seeds and found feathers and other beautiful things that delight her senses and imagination.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.22.49 AMIn addition to the website design, the Pink Elephant Creative team designed the logo and a template for their learning resources. The first one they’ve released is free and I highly, highly recommend it; it’s called Growing an Edible Flower, Herb and Vegetable Garden With Your Child. I’ve already ordered our seeds so that our family can do this too. They include sample garden plots for larger yards and sample container gardens for those of us (like us!) who only have a little bit of space and will need to use pots. The plants they’ve chosen are good for less-than-patient little gardeners and the steps are all very simple for a first-time garden-grower like me.

You can sign up to receive their children’s garden guidebook here.

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