A new website for Grandparents of the Forest

March 17, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.12.21 AMThis was a very special project for me because I was able to commission some entirely delightful artwork by the incomparable Natalie Wargin in order to bring these charming bears to (virtual) life. Meet Elia and Nicolas, the fine bears in question, and the nature-teaching and nature-sharing alter-egos of Deb Vail and Harry LeBlanc, the grandparents of the forest, themselves.

Grandparents of the Forest logoIf there are children in your life and you’d like to help them fall (more) in love with Nature, please do visit Grandparents of the Forest. They offer the most exquisite flower essences that they prepare themselves from the flowers on their own land (and their Pink Elephant Creative-designed labels are pretty). They also offer mentorship programs for parents, and nature boxes to send as gifts to children. (Our three year old gets SO EXCITED to receive mail from Deb and Harry, her extra set of grandparents who send her milkweed seeds and found feathers and other beautiful things that delight her senses and imagination.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.22.49 AMIn addition to the website design, the Pink Elephant Creative team designed the logo and a template for their learning resources. The first one they’ve released is free and I highly, highly recommend it; it’s called Growing an Edible Flower, Herb and Vegetable Garden With Your Child. I’ve already ordered our seeds so that our family can do this too. They include sample garden plots for larger yards and sample container gardens for those of us (like us!) who only have a little bit of space and will need to use pots. The plants they’ve chosen are good for less-than-patient little gardeners and the steps are all very simple for a first-time garden-grower like me.

You can sign up to receive their children’s garden guidebook here.

A website for Katharine Bainbridge

February 17, 2015

a website design for Katharine BainbridgeKatharine Bainbridge is one cool lady. She is a holistic psychotherapy pioneer, offering a combination of Jungian psychoanalysis, Buddhist psychotherapy, and energy medicine that is powerful and compassionate and gentle and effective and, well, life-changing. (I can say that because I was so taken with her and her work that I became a client myself.)

A website for Integrated Women’s Wellness in Boulder

February 10, 2014

small business website designLauri Hughes is a doula, midwife and lactation counselor in Boulder, Colorado. It was a joy to partner with her to create this website for her women’s wellness practice. Mamas and mamas-to-be of Boulder and area, you may wish to meet with this good woman.

Compassionate Community Voice ~ a website

January 6, 2014

small business website designPamela is a kind and gentle “voice guide” and founder of Compassionate Community Voice in Calgary, Alberta. She can help you find your voice one-on-one or in a singing circle or “voiceshop.” She cares about details as much as we do and I think that shows in the work we did together in this fresh, open and airy-feeling website design.

A beautiful online boutique for Earth Elements

January 6, 2014

website design for small businessNaaz is an extraordinary artist. Her crystals and malas are so pretty. I feel extra lovely when I wear one of her rose quartz pieces. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and to bring this online boutique for her business, Earth Elements, to life. If you like Pink Elephant’s style, I have a feeling you will really like Naaz’s jewelry too. Have a look!

(This is the concept, which is why the banner graphic is water-marked. The live site is even prettier!)

A fresh look for raw food chef Julie

February 6, 2013

julieJulie Van den Kerchove, a certified raw food chef, coach and writer, wooed us with her green smoothies …and her pet bunny! She wanted a website design that would be polished and professional and pretty and completely approachable. (She offers free raw smoothie and shake recipes that are definitely worth checking out.)

Something sweet for sugar queen Janice Daciuk

February 6, 2013


Dietician and eating psychology coach Janice Daciuk is so sweet I’d address her in our emails as “Sugar Queen”. She already had a website but it needed to be re-iced, so to speak… so we gave her a new header design and then added some other touches to match. I think it feels as buttery and delicious as a website can.


A cheerful new website for Humbervale Montessori

April 27, 2012

Humbervale Montessori website design

There was oodles of joy in creating this child-friendly but unchildish website for Humbervale Montessori in Etobicoke, Ontario (just outside Toronto).

School founder Andrea asked us to find a fresh way to use the school colours of yellow and blue, and she wanted lots of white – but with warmth – reflective of the Montessori approach.

We used clean typefaces and added subtle, organic touches in the hand-drawn illustrations, balancing a sense of studiousness with curious play.

Humbervale Montessori is heartfully dedicated to the development of young students socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Hearing Andrea’s passion made me wish every parent in Etobicoke knew about the work she was doing. It’s a very special place.

Board of Your Life ~ e-book design (and more)

April 23, 2012

Board of Your Life badge design

Tanya Geisler is one of those dear, dear women you meet and instantly wish she’d been born your big sister so you could have known her your whole life.

Tanya is a clarity coach, a genius one at that. (We can’t have a meeting that she doesn’t end up solving some problem for me, even though we’re meant to be talking about her. She just knows when something is up, and then turns it sweetly down in about a question and a half. Genius. Truly.)  Tanya has a program called Board of Your Life. If ever you have wondered what you should be doing next, if ever you have felt like you weren’t quite on the right track, not quite expressing the fullness of  your creative spirit or potential, you need to go to this page right now. Ditto if you know someone like this. Someone who is seeking answers, and who is maybe getting a bit tired of the search.

You can either hire Tanya to facilitate the experience or you can use her brand new Board of Your Life kit (that Pink Elephant designed the covers for – inspiring, non?) to do it yourself. I’ve read it. I’ve swooned. And so have some of the biggest names in coaching. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

Board of Your Life YOU GuideBoard of Your Life Start Here guide

Board of Your Life facilitators guide

A silk bow for Carmen Spagnola

March 20, 2012

website header design for Carmen Spagnola

Carmen Spagnola is such a beautiful soul. She, in her words, “helps people move past their blocks through intuitive readings,  past life regression and hypnotherapy.”  She wanted a Silk Bow, a header design, for her website that would be soothing and pretty. A lovely welcome for her “discerning seekers.”

Website design for the incomparable Laterbloomer.com

February 23, 2012

Later Bloomer website design

I love this site. SO much. Author Debra Eve shares quirky and inspiring stories of late bloomers who did some amazing things. If you haven’t written that best seller yet or decided what you want to do when you grow up, read a few of her posts and you’ll quickly get a sense that there’s still a whole lot of time for you.

I especially love Debra’s mini bio: “I’m Debra Eve, proud late bloomer & possessor of many passions. At 32, I became an archaeologist. At 42, a martial arts instructor. At 46, I married the love of my life! Now I write about fellow late bloomers while plotting my next grand adventure.”

Belle business card for authoress Elle B.

October 25, 2011



For Elle B of Later Bloomer, we wanted something blossoming and fresh and a little bit French-inspired for her signature calling card. She’s a woman who likes vintage styling, details that feel touched… but without being fussy. Think high summer and red lipstick.

(We can’t wait to share her website when it’s launched!)

A silk bow for Jackie’s new site

October 25, 2011

Jackie Dumaine is a beautiful spirit. She’s feminine with a flair for fierceness. Strong. Gorgeous. SO smart. She had a website developer already engaged to build a new site for her consulting services (she’s invented a practice for bringing yogic principles to business) but asked if Pink Elephant could help with the header to set the tone. Grounded earthy shades speak to Jackie’s sharp business mind and brighter violet tones bring in her femininity and intuition. Hard lines are complemented by soft textures and scripts. Every element is about balance. Just like Jackie’s business.

A new website for Laura Kay Organizing

September 1, 2011


Professional organizer Laura Kay asked if we could renovate the site she’d made herself  in order to give her business extra polish. (When a client has a WordPress site and we pretty it up – it’s called a Distillery Loft Studio package.)

She wanted the new site to feel clean and spacious but we know that spacious doesn’t have to mean white or stark.  We chose warm neutral shades from Laura’s original pink, blue and green palette.

Laura’s site now feels the way her clients feel after their home or office has been organized: peaceful, calm, pretty.

Online advertising for The Nesting Place

August 8, 2011

At Pink Elephant Creative, we’re pretty crazy about doulas. (We even hired a doula as our welcome ambassador and if you’ve interacted with Jess, you know why we LOVE her!)

Amanda from The Nesting Place has been a friend of Pink Elephant for many years. We were really excited when we got to do a small design project for her. We normally don’t recommend online advertising for our smaller clients (usually, the budget can be better spent) but this was an exception because the deal Amanda negotiated made so much sense for her and her ad would be on a site that was a beautiful fit for her business.

We drew inspiration from the palette and graphics of her existing site, and then used bars of colour in a layout shown to increase click rates, but what I love most about this “ad” is that it isn’t an ad at all. It’s a gift!

Amanda researched and wrote a special report to answer one of the concerns many mothers-to-be have. Induction can often be avoided and Amanda wanted to make sure women had access to the information that their doctors might not know or take the time to share. We decided that giving that away would be the most welcoming way to invite new women to her business.

What could your gift be? And how could you tell people about it?


Website design for Yoga Goddess

July 10, 2011

Zahra had a lot of content and several offerings (she’s a very generous yoga goddess!) so she asked for our help adding structure to it all.

We used the colours of the heart, throat and sacral chakras. We included mendhi-inspired designs. We made sure there was a moon flower present, as an homage to Zahra’s signature yoga and meditation series, Moon Goddess. We wanted her website to feel like one of Zahra’s classes: calming, meditative, welcoming, beautiful.

We gave the page flow and made it easier for friends of Yoga Goddess (new and old) to find the class that was right for them.


A new homepage for My Greener House

July 8, 2011

It was a pleasure to work with My Greener House! Maureen and Jennifer founded this member-supported online directory because they wanted to make sure every Canadian had access to unbiased reviews of green products and services. They’re passionate about ensuring our homes are as healthy as they can be.

This is an example of a Pretty Page project. We redesigned their  homepage (not the whole site). The concept on the right uses their existing site header and the concept on the left shows how the website could look with a new topper and navigation. (You can click each image to see them in full.)

Visit www.mygreenerhouse.ca.


Our most happiest project yet, The Joy Pages

June 17, 2011

Full disclosure: we ADORE coach and Board of Your Life founder Tanya Geisler. So we were bound to enjoy this project. And then she told us the name: The Joy Pages. How could we not have a good time?! Tanya wrote this e-book in honour of her mother, a woman who lived a beautiful and extraordinary and important life. Her mantra? “Don’t postpone joy.”

Tanya took her own coaching expertise, married it with her mother’s wisdom and turned it into a short exercise book that just might change your life. Take a few minutes to download it today and then find some quiet time to answer the questions over a mug of tea or glass of wine.

Pink Elephant designed the cover and one inside page as a template for Tanya (and her husband) to fill up with wonderful words.


Artful website for Tanya Kirouac

June 15, 2011

Encaustic artist Tanya Kirouac’s work is beautifully layered. We wanted to create a site for her that would showcase her art and complement its complexity while still being textured itself.  The delicate colour palette is pulled from the backgrounds of many of Tanya’s pieces. Homepage text boxes are pale screens, mimicking the layers of thin, painted wax. Photos have delicate frames and all the text treatments follow a subtle hierarchy. Every design detail and every word was carefully and thoughtfully crafted.

A new logo for encaustic artist Tanya Kirouac

February 15, 2011

We love Tanya’s encaustic artwork and jumped at the chance to give her a logo. It had to be clean and elegant, stylized but still organic, feminine.

We took inspiration from her Undulations series and are really happy with where it led.

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