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Meet the Pink Elephant Creative Collective

Carrie, The Creatrix

The first label I usually give myself when someone asks is writer. I’ve loved to write since I could first hold a pencil. But I also loved drawing and painting. During high school, I lost sleep trying to decide whether to pursue a fine arts degree or chef’s papers – I had a strong art portfolio and had also been accepted at the Cordon Bleu – but chose in the end to study ….French. It seemed more practical. One year in, at the encouragement of a professor who liked my Emily Bronte papers, I changed my major to English. Oh, Heathcliff.

Now fast-forward many years and I’ve got my own writing and design boutique Pink Elephant Creative and teach website writing to nice people at Pink Elephant Writing Academy for Small Business. I don’t normally talk about once wanting to be a chef or artist in my bio these days but it came to mind as I sat down to write this one because the title Creatrix ties a pretty bow around everything my spirit loves. It loves to see the brushstrokes in a Botticelli. It loves words, sentences, paragraphs. It loves reading.  It loves beauty. But especially beauty with human fingerprints. (And that’s our specialty around here… writing and design that have your touch.)

When we make things, we’re sharing ourselves with the world. That I once wanted to master white sauce and now craft websites comes from the same place. The same place that caused you to dream up your business. Isn’t it wonderful?

Mine is the bigger picture and longer bio because, of the people on this page, I’ll be the one you work with directly. I’m also the one who made up Pink Elephant. If you’d like, you can read that story here.

Christine, The Welcome Ambassador


Christine will be first to say hello and is our resource expert. She helps new clients find their way to right-for-them packages and keeps their projects ticking right along.

Jess, The (Sometimes) Writer

Sometimes, between birth clients (Jess is also a doula), she lends her baby-catching hands to the delicate task of typing thoughtful words for clients whose work needs some editing.

Keith, The Bike Courier and Jingle Writer

When he’s not running marathons, climbing mountains or killing Carmens (Keith’s a professional opera singer), my beloved husband delivers PEC parcels, writes music, and rubs my hunched writing shoulders.

Nita, The Client Care Consultant

Nita is the ultimate customer service expert because she is one of the most caring people on the planet. She offers the team counsel on business kindness.

Working together

Never worked with a professional writer or designer before? It’s okay. Most of our clients haven’t. After you hit “submit” on the form below, we’ll read your message and then Christine, our welcome ambassador (don’t you love that title? Jess made it up when she was welcome-ambassadoring around here in the early days), will get in touch with next steps. We might work entirely by e-mail (isn’t technology amazing?!) but usually kick off projects with a chat by Skype. We have clients all over the world which is so much fun.

Looking for referrals?

There are few things better first thing on a Monday morning than perusing a really awesome creative portfolio while sipping hot tea and sprinkling banana muffin crumbs over your keyboard. Because we are intentionally petite and only take on a small number of clients, we’re often looking for nice colleagues to whom we can refer small businesses for help. If you’re a talented designer or writer and want to share some reading material, send your link and a note of introduction to

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