Our specialties

We craft elegantly written and smartly designed websites for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and self-employed folks like us who love beautiful words and tailored touches. And we put love and smarts (!) in every pixel.

There are three steps to our process – but you can jump in anywhere that suits you. First, we start with a short but powerful plan – the Kind Business Plan™ – which covers how you’ll inspire traffic to your website, how you’ll engage your readers when they come to visit, and then how you’ll turn them into clients who get the full benefit of what you have to offer with a thoughtfully-priced menu of services. Second, we’ll write. We’ll write your entire website, or just a few pieces, as you require. And last but prettiest, we’ll bring it to life online with a website that feels so perfectly you.

If you’d like, you can jump right ahead to the Kind Business Plan™, writing or design services.

Step one: The Kind Business Plan™

The Kind Business Plan™ is a joyful plan for creating a “leveraged” business that helps you work less, earn more and love and serve your clients whole-heartedly (because your well is soooo full). It will support you in offering services and pricing that are as kind to you as you to your clients. It will not only provide structure for your business, but also an architecture of sorts for your website – whether you have one already or don’t.

You’ll identify:

  • your ideal client – the one who has been searching for you and values what you offer
  • the specific offerings (work you love to do) that help you serve this client
  • a service menu and pricing plan that will sustain you in living well inside and outside of work (you’ll know exactly how much and how little you can afford to charge, taking the stress out of pricing)
  • a checklist of sales and marketing tools that will feel good (and even a little fun)
  • your website must-haves, so it takes some of the load off your shoulders

Start with The Kind Business Plan if:

  • you feel like you’re not focused enough in terms of what you offer
  • you need to raise your rates but aren’t sure how to go about it
  • you have very few people interested in your work or you have lots of people interested but you haven’t been able to turn them into clients (or perfect-for-you clients)
  • you know you need a sales plan but you want one you can feel good about and that doesn’t take a lot of time
  • you’ve wondered if to be successful in business you have to be more loud or more pushy or more aggressive than you naturally are (you don’t!)

You can write your own kind business plan over at The Pink Elephant School of Kind Business™. We may offer it as a private, one-on-one service down the road (so please ask, if you’d like that).

“I would like help clarifying my offer and creating a kind sales strategy. Please take me to the Pink Elephant School of Kind Business.”

Step two: The writing

The words on the page are how your clients come to know you, how they come to like you and how they come to trust you. They’re also how they come to describe you to their friends. Having the right writing for your business can connect you with your ideal client and super-charge your word-of-mouth marketing better than anything else (especially if they’re being written by an award-winning writer and marketer who really wants you to make money doing work that matters). All of these writing services include up to two rounds of revisions.

You can choose from:

  • The Happy Homepage package ~ writing your most important landing page
  • The All-Important About Us package ~ writing your second most important landing page
  • The Oh-So-Irresistible Offer Page ~ writing a landing page for a specific offer, service, product, or program
  • The Well-Worn Keyboard package ~ writing your homepage, about page, service overview page and contact page

Let’s dive in to the writing if:

  • you’re already really happy with your pricing and your services; you just need a hand communicating them
  • you know who you’d love to work with and want your website and offers to appeal to them specifically
  • you need the words to match your vision
  • you want your website to work harder for you so you can do less of the marketing yourself

{writing services start at $1400}

“I think I might like a hand with a writing project. What’s the next step?

Step three: The design

Together we’ll turn business dreams and words into an artfully composed website (that you’ll be able to update yourself), with every little detail considered. Because there are no little details.

We’re crazy about texture, about layering, about delight. About making sure the fonts aren’t just lovely, but that they feel like your business’ personality. That the colour palette sets the right mood. That if you’re a healer, your site nurtures. If you’re a coach, it encourages.

The beautiful, warm, inviting design, that’s what we do as decorators…but we’re architects too. We study the science of marketing psychology and HCI (human computer interaction) – and hide it behind the Dupioni silk curtains. If you draw them back, you’ll see the highly usable navigation, code optimized for search engines, layouts that encourage site visitors to engage with you and take action… You are running a business after all.

Our clever little design packages include two creative template design options, and two rounds of revisions.

You can choose between:

  • The Pearl Button package ~ a top-to-bottom brand new, smart and beautiful website (custom WordPress template set-up, content population and design)
  • The Sweetly Simple package ~ a beautiful WordPress template for you to fill with content yourself

Our design services may be the perfect fit if:

  • you’ve got a business structure that works and words that sing but need the look of your business to match
  • you want  your personal level of professionalism to be reflected in your website (which could nicely support you in raising your rates, for starters)
  • you want the important messages of your website to stand out (especially the how-you-can-help-them messages)
  • you want to feel really, really proud to tell people about your site
  • you love beauty and want every aspect of your business to feel generous and sumptuous

{custom website design packages start at $3800}

“Yes, please, I want smarts and beauty in my online life.”


Good karma

Pink Elephant clients tend to be people who carry their groceries in canvas bags, tip hard-working wait staff generously, and avoid stepping on sidewalk ants. So we thought it might make you kind-hearted souls feel good to know that a percentage of Pink Elephant profits are donated to not-for-profits doing important work. With the help of our awesome clients, we’ve supported Amnesty International, Free the Children, The June Callwood Centre for Young Women, Cancer Society, Hope for Children Foundation, Kiva and many others.

Fellow tree-lovers, you might also smile to know that Pink Elephant offices are powered by green energy and when we print it’s only on Forest Stewardship Council-approved papers.