Who we love

When I started Pink Elephant, I couldn’t have known what a beautiful circle of people would support it. I’m blessed to work with amazing clients who fill me up but when I wear myself down, I’m also blessed to be able to lean on these good folk on this page. These are names that make me smile to see and spirits that I want to introduce you to, in case you could use some support along your way too. (If you are wondering, none of these are affiliate links.)

For mind + heart

Katharine Bainbridge

Katharine BainbridgeKatharine is a holistic psychotherapist – a creatrix of a totally rad and original mix of Jungian psychoanalysis, Buddhist psychotherapy, and energy medicine. I love her like mad. I went through her nine-session protocol (called The Hummingbird package) and had my heart soothed in ways I couldn’t have predicted, for good. And at the end? I had the most powerful new understanding of my personal life purpose.

Tanya Geisler

It was love at first sight with Tanya. Literally, she walked in the room and the whole space lit up. She’s luminous like that. Tanya is a coach and a champion of clarity. In a casual chat over tea, she’ll ask me questions that blow. my. mind. I think I know what I want and she sees right past it to the real gold – but lets me think I uncovered that wisdom all on my own. Hers is the kind of energy you want to hang out in all day long.

If you want a taste of the Tanya Geisler experience, download a copy of her so beautifully named The Joy Pages, Tanya’s first e-book for her coaching clients, a work inspired by her beloved mother’s mantra: Don’t postpone joy.

Jennifer Schramm

Jennifer is an extraordinary equine therapist and I first met her at a retreat she was running with celebrated author and writing coach Sarah Selecky (another person I love) called Horses + Writing. Her work is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The horses say so much, without words, and Jennifer is a sensitive, compassionate therapist who facilitates these beautiful conversations. People fly in to work with her, but if you’re lucky enough to live in Ontario, she and her horses are just a drive away.

For body

Meghan Telpner, Nutritionista

Meghan is a nutritionista here in Toronto but you can shop her little boutique online and can read her absolutely excellent blog from anywhere. I adore her recipes. Her workshops are AWESOME. If you own a Vitamix blender (and you should! oh my goodness, you should!) then you must check out all her smoothie resources. And if you’re not so into nutrition but you like teal leggings, she’s still your girl. You’ll fall in love.

Sisters Kim and Amy Sedgwick

Red Tent Sisters was born to provide sisterly advice about eco-friendly, body-friendly, sex-positive options for sexual pleasure, fertility, menstrual health, and other stuff that makes us feel vibrant. They do not blush easily (or at all?) and can answer about any question your mother wouldn’t.

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tanya Smith

I don’t know anyone who has seen Tanya for treatment who hasn’t been touched by her gentle spirit and compassionate approach. Tanya has a clinic in Toronto but she is also able to provide distance care to anywhere in the world. She specializes in reproductive wellness and fertility treatments. I see her for neck and back pain (she works wonders with those acupuncture needles!) and for the occasional bout of hormonal confusion.

For spirit

Laurie Anne King of King Oracle

I met Laurie Anne when I was in my 20s, the confused-without-realizing-it decade, and since, she has supported me through the darkest (and best) times of my life so far. She provides psychic mediumship  and non-judgmental total compassion and spiritual insight. I used to see her in Toronto but now that Laurie Anne is living in Australia, she does readings by phone and skype and still whispers the wisdom of Spirit in my ear.

For business

Nita Apple

Nita Apple of Fetching SolutionsNita is a solution-ist. Do you need to figure out how to sell your ebook online? She’ll set you up. Wanna teach online courses? She knows what you need. Not sure how to accept credit card payments? She is. More than her solution-ing, Nita is a dear friend and the woman I leaned on heaviest in my business (who never let on that it was a weight).


Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies

It’s complete joy to introduce Tad to friends. We’re kindred spirits, with similar ideas about what makes a business successful and marketing good – stuff like generosity and kindness, strong opinions, gorgeous clarity and humour. Tad is a brilliant facilitator and if you’re in a holistic practice or green business, you really should attend at least one of his workshops. And in the meantime, sign up for his blog. Ok, and also pick up a copy of his e-book, The Free Gift, to help you build your list in a feel-good way. (It’s the perfect companion to How to Write a Lovable Homepage over at Pink Elephant Academy for Entrepreneurs.)

Wendy Woods of The REFINERY

Wendy WoodsI put Wendy in the business category but she could go in all of them. She’s a style coach and a personal stylist and she understands that for creative people, our wardrobes are part of our art. As a special gift to myself, I like to hire her for her online styling service when the seasons change. She picks out beautiful clothes for me (and totally has my tastes nailed) and then I go shopping online!